Friday, January 29, 2016

Do you have a theme decor at your home?

I am so happy to write about this because some people don't even know if they have a décor theme in their homes.  They just have a lot of everything and there is no thing that may go with another thing.

In my mother's house it was the same thing - a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Everything meshes with one other. No true theme or style in the house. I am not sure if this is a good thing especially if you are into decorating your home or planning to do this.  It can be frustrating and confusing.  Well I can tell you from a Country Home Décor Perspective there are definitely different styles or favorite looks that you may want to consider when setting up a theme or redecorating your home. 

Do you know that there are a couple of categories in Country to decorate your house?  I will tell you, to name few, what they are:  Colonial, Classic Country, Rustic or Farmhouse, Vintage or Shabby Chic and Primitive.  Primitive is my favorite style of decorating. Primitive is just a simple plain décor usually without any shine - it's dull and very humbling.  It is very warm and cozy.  See below some pictures that is considered Primitive Style to your décor.  It's also available at my website.

If you don't have a theme décor at your home.  Let me help you find what your style.  I have a website that has products to begin your Country Home Décor theme.  I would love to help you create a style of your dreams and passion.  Please check out my website at
you can also email me with questions that you may have at

Friday, January 8, 2016

Country Moments - Domain Web Name CHANGE

Please take note of Our Domain Web Name Change to

Please add to your bookmark.  Happy New Year!  My 2016 be your season

Decorating Secret With Glass Bottles

Decorating Tip With Ordinary Glass Bottles - Wrap your glass bottles with burlap or jute material to transform your glass bottles.  Makes a wonderful décor for any room.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Shout Out & Remembrance

Hi Everyone:

Hoping and Believing that your plans for this Memorial Day Weekend is what you want to do. Whether it's going to be relaxing or exciting.  Spend time with the people and things that are important.  I will be visiting my family and building memories and so should you.

Please remember to pray for the people who fought and died for our liberty and freedoms.  Let me know if I can assist you with anything.  Blessings! Be safe and remember to built positive loving memories.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Country Moments - Tin Bird Bucket What a Wonderful Decor!

Hi Everyone:

I am excited to have this tin bucket as part of my decor.  It is such a beautiful and very functional for example I have used it to add tall stem flowers the other day.  During our rainy days this past week I used it for my umbrella to drip off.  If you are interested in purchasing this same item let me know.  you can also view it on my website

Friday, May 17, 2013

Country Moments - Primitive Country Home Decor and Inspirational Gifts Is Having a Sidewalk Sale May 31, 2013

Hi Everyone:

Come Join Us! Great Deals and Bargains throughout Nash Street in Downtown Louisburg. Come shop for New and Used Value Merchandise.

We are having our first Sidewalk Sale combined with others businesses in the area here in Downtown, Louisburg.  We are so excited about this venture because it allows our business owners and customers to interact together and it show a sense of community.

Sidewalk Sale is on Friday, May 31st from 10:00 am - Until (Raindate: Saturday, June 1st)

Businesses Participating:  The MarketPlace (various vendors), One's Man Treasure (auction house and consignment) and 2nd Chance Furniture (auction house and furniture)

Please see our exclusive website for our products

Hope to see you there. We will also have some lively music and soft drinks available to coming out!


Deanna, Willie and Lil Andrew